Name: Maigualida
Age: 22 years Old
From: Venezuela
Living in: Buenos Aires
Music: Placebo, Nine Inch Nails, IAMX, A Perfect Circle, Muse & Armin Van Buuren
Language: Spanish/English
Studying: International Relations/Politics

And etc.
Pretty Hate Machine

A Perfect Circle + Tomahawk
02/04/2013 @ Buenos Aires, Argentina

Well let’s being with Tomahawk:
First of all I met Mr. Patton and I must say he’s awesome, great guy!
And Tomahawk woooooow It was incredible, I can’t believe the energy that Patton has on stage, wow. That’s how to be a rockstar.

And now, without taking off value from Tomahawk, you must understand that A Perfect Circle is one of my favourites bands ever.

A Perfect Circle was perfect, Maynard´s voice is perfect, I just can believe how magical was that night, I just can´t believe that after so many years of being a fan I finally had the chance to see them alive.
Billy was incredible too, he´s so so talentous I can´t believe that I was in front of him, that I saw him playing and singing… FINALLY A DREAM COME TRUE. I have to be honest, I CRIED, and cried not in just one song, because it was so perfect, my favourite band IS so perfect.
I was worried because the place (Malvinas Argentinas Stadium) isn’t the better place for a concert, but the sound was great so Im happy.
Of course they didn’t play, Judith Orestes and Magdalena but well I´m ok, it doesnt matter.
And I don´t know what else can I say about it

My souvenirs:
Billy´s Glass Slider: Made sure that I was the one who received it. So IMAGINE I WAS ON HEAVEN. Bless him! 
The Setlist of course I scream like crazy and the guy gave it to me.
Jeff drum stick: My sweet friend took it for me.
Yes I am lucky girl


The first and third phots of A Perfect Circle arent mine, but you know you can´t take photos on their concerts.

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